Saturday, April 13, 2024

    Microwaved Foods – Healthy or Damaging?

    I lately obtained an e-mail asking if I could clarify regarding ‘microwave’, consuming ‘microwaved food’ and so on. So here it is.

    The information is bad, if you prefer ‘lack of knowledge is bliss’, currently might be a great time to ‘inadvertently’ have something much better to do! When we think about ‘all-natural’ health & well-being, it would certainly make sense that we would wish to ‘prepare’ our food in a ‘natural’ means.

    It doesn’t take much instinct to realize that microwaving your food, has to do with as ‘unnatural’ a means to prepare your food as you can get. Does not the fact we make use of the terms, ‘zap’ it or ‘nuke’ it in the microwave, send out a cool up your back and recommend something is not quite right here?

    A critical point is that microwaves do not actually ‘chef’ your food in any way. They generally simply heat up the water content of the food and create the food fragments to reverberate at very high frequencies. This ‘warms up’ your food, but this is really various from ‘cooking’ your food.

    It resembles your food is warmed however still ‘raw’. It does not change the chemical structure of your food properly (and oftentimes warps the food particles), hence significantly decreasing your foods nutritional value. Worse however, is that microwaves can (and also generally do) develop unsafe substances that can bring about severe problems/disease (high cholesterol, cancer cells etc). * See the research better down.

    Currently, before you start cursing me once again for making you really feel bad (since you enjoy your microwave as well as believe life would be heck without it), keep in mind, like all the health suggestions we give, you require to make them functional and still be able to function and take pleasure in life. However, while a little occasionally will not eliminate you (not promptly anyhow!) – regular intakes are a real issue.

    Essentially, microwave decay and also change the framework of food by the process of ‘radiation’. Do you think if they were marketed as “radiation ovens”, they would be so prominent? No other way, yet that’s specifically what they are. Basically, you are conflicting with/disturbing the ‘all-natural knowledge’ of the food (which is without a doubt one of the most fundamental part of any kind of food).

    Why would not we listen to much more regarding their unfavorable impacts if they were so bad? Generally, for the very same factor we don’t find out about many of the important things that endanger our health (up until years after), vested interests and ‘heads in the sand’. Lots of people don’t wish to quit something that is so ‘hassle-free’!!! And as modern science doesn’t value the fact that there is more to cooking food, than simply warming it up, not enough correct study is being done. It’s simply another instance of contemporary culture, attempting to make use of ‘technology’ to save time … unfortunately at the expense of our health and wellness & wellness.

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