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    How To Find the Best Indian Food in Melbourne?

    Melbourne is a hub for the Indian food scene, but it can be difficult to find a great authentic Indian restaurant when you are in Melbourne or want to take an Indian dish home. We’ve compiled this list of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne, which should help you find your favourite curries and tandoori dishes!

    What is Indian food?

    Indian food is a cuisine with diverse regional styles and cooking methods. Many Indian dishes can be traced back to the Vedic period and have evolved with time. The cornerstone of the cuisine is vegetables, lentils, and rice. The most popular dishes are biryani, korma, butter chicken, and dal makhani.

    What should I order when eating Indian food?

    When looking for Indian food in Melbourne, there are a few dishes that any good restaurant should offer. Butter chicken is a dish made with tomato sauce and spices. It can be served with rice, naan bread, and other vegetables. Another popular dish is lamb vindaloo. Lamb is cooked in vinegar and red peppers until the tendons become tender. This is always served with potato chunks and fresh cilantro leaves.

    How to find the best Indian food Melbourne

    Indian food is a type of cuisine that originated in India. Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the Caribbean all have variations on Indian dishes. Indian food may be spicy and contain vegetables, lentils, rice or chicken. There are many types of curries and dals and rice dishes like kheer and biryani. Desserts in Indian cuisine include gulab jamun and jalebi.

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